Claremont Controls Ltd


HighStone is a works management database that is specifically designed to collate information on works packages in a single, central repository.

The application carries information through an entire work’s life cycle – from the point of first contact with customers, through the definition of required response, to pricing of works, capture of incurred costs and quantification of charges for works completed.

HighStone provides all users within an organisation with access to the contract information they need to allow them to undertake their daily tasks accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Business Integration

HighStone is highly configurable and includes functional tools to support the full integration of contract data including: staff timesheets, plant management, materials consumption, budgeting, asset and defect management, cyclic maintenance, on site surveys with mobile devices, email and ftp connections, data import and export, links to external applications, document management, photograph and video records, scanned documents, on screen information filtering, working notes records, client designed reports library, geographic mapping, user access controls and customisable menus and in-built database management tools.

Clients are encouraged to take advantage of the open-nature of the HighStone works management database by linking key records with their own data systems.

HighStone combines data records held in a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) with structured file management for associated document management and a heavily user orientated GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Bespoke Capability

HighStone in its basic form includes a good range of components to cover key elements of infrastructure management.  But the best use of the system is when it is tailored to meet individual client requirements and bespoke integration with their own systems.

The supporting database is customised to meet the specific needs of the contract environment. It adopts existing working methods and procedures and delivers long-term flexibility to the client and the team who use the system.  Much of its functionality is already pre-configured and can be applied without any revision.

However to meet the demands of clients’ business management processes and existing methods, we have developed HighStone so that it can be tailored, and it includes elements such as new display modules and the facility to adapt existing functions.