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Categories: HighStone Configuration

Some of our users request automatic notifications to be issued by email. Can HighStone provide this facility?

HighStone includes an automated email facility where notification emails are issued based on triggering events within the contract database.  This notification process may be set to run at timed intervals.

Can HighStone issue SMS notification messages?

It is recommended that an email to SMS external notification service is employed, and for the HighStone email notification facility to issue the messages.

We have a lot of contract information held in user personal email accounts and not accessible to other users. Can HighStone help with this?

HighStone offers a POP based email reading and saving facility.  We recommend that an internal email account is created, for example ‘’, and users ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ outgoing emails to this account, with any incoming emails forwarded to the same address. HighStone downloads these emails, logs the basic details within the contract database, and stores full email details and any attachment files within the internal object file store.  Email information can be accessed by all users of HighStone.

We have a number of processes where users have to complete a large number of paper forms when out in the field. Can HighStone help collate and manage this data entry?

HighStone includes a functional module called HighLight that is specifically designed to operate on Windows OS portable laptops and tablet devices.  This application includes a highly customisable prompt form definition that gives users the ability to complete forms electronically and return the data entries direct to the main HighStone contract database.  HighLight includes support for GPS location determination and can manage photographs taken out in the field.

HighStone documentation refers to ‘objects’ – what are these?

This term is used to overcome variations in terminology between different organisations.  Any key element of management data, such as a works order, works package, defect record, staff details record, timesheet, scheme or project, are all defined as ‘objects’ within the HighStone data model.  Many functions and facilities in HighStone are generic and the same displays and operation methods are used for all classes of object record.  This creates a consistent feel to all areas of HighStone and provides a rich level functionality across the entire system.