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Categories: Client System Administration

How are updates to HighStone issued to users?

Claremont Controls operates an active development for HighStone that covers both basic and generic functionality of the system, and developments in response to specific client requests.  Clients are encouraged to keep up to date with application developments so that they can benefit from new ideas and the most recent HighStone releases. The frequency of such updates will be arranged with your IT department and run to an appropriate schedule – typically between an annual and a quarterly frequency, depending on the development program.  Routine HighStone updates are managed by the application itself, with users initiating an update on their local system once the new release is published on your local servers.

Does Claremont Controls require access to our HighStone installation from outside the organisation?

Ideally yes.  Having direct access to clients’ system from our own location gives us the opportunity to monitor systems and undertake any investigations without the need to travel to locations. This facility can save considerable time and expense in supporting your installation.

If we wish to add our own data records alongside HighStone to control other management processes, can this be done?

Claremont Controls actively encourages clients to integrate HighStone data with other business processes.  Additional data links may be added as linked databases or additional data tables within the main contract database or existing HighStone tables extended to carry additional data values.

We have the requirement to post data to, or import data from, external servers over FTP connections. Is HighStone able to support this action?

Yes.  HighStone provides FTP upload and download functions that can be configured to poll for data over FTP connections, either on demand or at defined time intervals for automatic operation.  Some configuration work may be required to manage the actual data import and export formatting.

Some of our users request automatic notifications to be issued by email. Can HighStone provide this facility?

HighStone includes an automated email facility where notification emails are issued based on triggering events within the contract database.  This notification process may be set to run at timed intervals.

Can HighStone issue SMS notification messages?

It is recommended that an email to SMS external notification service is employed, and for the HighStone email notification facility to issue the messages.

Does HighStone provide a web-based access frontend to the system?

No.  HighStone is run as a standard Windows application that is installed and run from users’ PCs or laptops.  This environment offers much more flexibility and configuration to the HighStone installation.

Can HighStone be run over Citrix or remote desktop connections?

Yes.  Where network connections have limited bandwidth and do not support the standard operation of HighStone over a WAN (Wide Area Network) HighStone may be provided over either Citrix or remote desktop connections.