Claremont Controls Ltd

HighStone Extended Filter Functions Released

The user defined Record Filter facilities within HighStone have been upgraded to give a much wider range of control. The main record, Object List Log panels for reviewing key records in HighStone have long included a custom Filter facility and this development provides a much enhanced capability.

The prime purpose of the new facility was to offer improved searching and filtering functions on Assets Records – supporting the review of Asset Attributes across the grid display. This has become more important as HighStone clients develop extended data recording on key assets such as Road Signage and Lighting. The ability to interrogate required Asset Attributes directly and create displays listing specific definitions was crucial to this work.

The new Filter Definitions have been widened to all other Object record displays and allow the user to select the data parameters that are used to filter and sort records returned from a search. The new display panel allows users to identify just those parameters that are to be included on the display, and the order in which they appear.  As before, each user may create and store their own set of Filter Definitions within each panel display and apply them directly as required.  Returned record sets of data values can be saved out to spreadsheet files, or CSV (Comma Separated Value) files as required.

Details on the new facilities are included in the HighStone documentation.