Claremont Controls Ltd

HighStone goes out in the field with HighLight on Mobile Devices

Much data capture and collation that is vital to the successful operation of HighStone is undertaken in the field away from the standard well connected desktop PC and clients have long sought an effective means of record entry on devices that can be taken out in the field.  Site workers will be familiar with the need to complete entries on paper forms, and then transcribe collected details in to the main contract database upon return to the office.

Claremont Controls recognised this need and addressed it directly with the development of a light-weight application that can be run on modern rugged tablet or mobile PC equipment.  The aim of the development was to replace the many paper forms that field workers are required to complete with direct entry on to a mobile device that can be uploaded automatically at the end of each shift.  As modern devices include touch screen, cameras and GPS units there is considerable opportunity to enhance the quality of the information collected and return to the central data library.

The HighLight application provides the means of taking HighStone out of the office and as it integrates directly with HighStone all data records, pictures and location details can be brought back quickly, accurately and easily.

In developing this new application, Claremont Controls say “The most important development in this project has been to create an environment that can mimic the paper forms that many clients have developed over the years. Users are familiar with these forms and an easily recognisable means of converting these to a screen display was vital in providing a workable solution.  Additionally, any such system must be able to respond to changes / extensions to the electronic forms easily and without the need to build a revised software application each time.”

Claremont Controls see the use of HighLight and the concepts that it introduces playing an increasingly important role in the Management of Contract Works over the coming years. Further details on HighLight are available on request.